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Bloomington and Eden Prairie, Minnesota. We keep our routes tight to maximize efficiency and provide prompt service.
We clear all snowfalls over 1”. On storm totals of 4” or less we come out when the snow has stopped.
You have nothing to worry about! We start our routes when there is 4” and work continuously to keep your driveway passable during the snow event. Our blowers work great in large snow events and do not slow down in tough conditions like plow trucks.
No, we provide an unlimited number of visits each winter. The average winter in the Twin Cities sees 16 one-inch snowfalls. However, large snow events results in multiple visits for a single snowstorm.
No, our tractors are quieter than plow trucks and because of the efficiency, we are in your driveway for less than 5 minutes!
No, our tractors have very large tires and apply less ground pressure than a typical plow truck.
We provide service anytime it snows 1” or more from November 1st through April 15th.
Payments are due by November 1st.
Yes, we carry a $2,000,000 insurance plan.